May 9, 2018, Constitution Revision Commission: CRC SUBMITS FINAL REPORT TO FLORIDA SECRETARY OF STATE


April 16, 2018, Constitution Revision Commission: CRC APPROVES EIGHT REVISIONS FOR THE 2018 GENERAL ELECTION BALLOT

April 16, 2018, Daytona Beach News-Journal: OUR VIEW: Don’t burden ballot with bizarre bundles

April 11, 2018, Jax Daily Record: Five Constitutional amendments on ballot, so far

April 9, 2018, Florida Politics: Jeff Kottkamp, Paul Hawkes: Greyhound amendment does not belong in our constitution

April 3, 2018, WUSF: Constitution Revision Commission Drops Certificate Of Need Revamp


March 22, 2018, Pensacola News-Journal: Florida Constitution Revision Commission picks 25 proposals to advance to draft committee

March 20, 2018, Miami Herald: Proposal for bill of rights for nursing home and ALF residents dies in CRC

March 15, 2018, Florida Politics: Poll: Voters unsure on offshore drilling ban, ballot amendment rules

March 14, 2018, Orlando Sentinel: Editorial: Stop eroding Floridians' constitutional right to open government

March 14, 2018, Florida Politics: Major Harding: Keep our Florida Constitution clean

March 5, 2018, News Service of Florida: Florida voters will have say on tax question

March 5, 2018, Florida Politics: Constitutional review panel readies for its own Session

February 6, 2018, Sun Sentinel: Abortion rights, greyhound racing on agenda as hundreds address constitution commission

February 6, 2018, Orlando Weekly: CRC panel to take issues across Florida, but will skip most major metros

February 5, 2018, Sun Sentinel: Let Florida voters raise ethics bar | Guest editorial

January 25, 2018, Panama City News Herald: OUR VIEW: Constitution proposal would impede ‘home rule’


January 25, 2018, Panama City News Herald: OUR VIEW: Constitution proposal would impede ‘home rule’

January 25, 2018, Sunshine State News: Panel Approves Revamping Right to Privacy

January 23, 2018, WFSU: CRC "Nursing Home Bill Of Rights" Proposal Receives Pushback

January 20, 2018, Tallahassee Democrat: Cotterell: Casino amendment shows flaws in petition proposals

January 16, 2018, Tampa Bay Times: Proposal to end school board pay heads back to Florida Constitution Revision Commission

January 16, 2018, WUSF: Florida Constitutional Revision Commission Kills Controversial Environmental Proposal

January 15, 2018, News4Jax: Medical malpractice revision moving toward November ballot

January 15, 2018, Sunshine State News: CRC Tackling Question of Who Chooses Appointments to Judiciary

January 12, 2018, Associated Industries of Florida: AIF Statement Regarding CRC Judicial Committee’s Vote on CRC Proposal 23

December 14, 2017, Orlando Sentinel: Anti-smoking, hospital proposals could be headed for ballot

December 14, 2017, Florida Politics: Constitution panel criticized again for procedural hiccups, announces second tour

December 5, 2017, Florida Politics: Emmett Reed: Constitution is no place for special favors for clients or friends

December 2, 2017, Orlando Sentinel: 100-plus proposals to change Constitution affect taxes, schools, health

December 1, 2017, WFSU: CRC Advances Measure Restricting Naming Of Public Projects

November 29, 2017, WFSU: Dead CRC Proposal To Expand Florida's CFO Duties May Still Be Alive

November 29, 2017, TCPalm: Five ways we can protect Florida's environment in the state constitution

November 27, 2017, WJCT: Panel Eyes Vaping Restriction, Patient Rights

November 21, 2017, Associated Industries of Florida: AIF Retains Top Legal Team to Stop Dangerously Vague CRC Proposal that Threatens to Upend Decades of Florida Environmental Policy

November 18, 2017, Sun Sentinel: Watch out, Florida Constitution changes coming | Editorial

November 13, 2017, Fort Myers News-Press: Eye on 2018: Florida's Constitution will be remade on a lengthy November ballot

November 14, 2017, Florida Politics: Open the primaries, former Bar president says

November 14, 2017, WEAR TV: Gov. Scott announces $178M investment for Florida’s active military, more

November 13, 2017, Eye on 2018: Florida's Constitution will be remade on a lengthy November ballot

November 12, 2017, Naples Daily News: Amendment’s intent is to safeguard information

November 7, 2017, Santa Rosa's Press Gazette: Revise the constitution with caution

November 2, 2017, Orlando Sentinel: Constitution panel explains the process

November 1, 2017, WJCT: More Than 60 Changes Proposed For Florida's Constitution

October 31, 2017, News Service of Florida: Dozens of changes proposed for state constitution

October 31, 2017, Jax Daily Record: Constitution Revision Commission reviewing proposals

October 30, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Tuesday's letters: Commission listens to Floridians

October 27, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Editorial: Constitution commission devolves into farce

October 26, 2017, Pensacola News Journal: OUR VIEW: Don’t be stingy with public ideas

October 25, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Constitution Revision Commission ignores the public

October 25, 2017, St. Augustine Record: Some thoughts on how we elect folks

October 25, 2017, Panama City News-Herald: Help chart your constitution’s future

October 18, 2017, Sun Sentinel: Revise Florida constitution with caution. Voters, pay attention

October 18, 2017, Bradenton Herald: Confusion over open meetings creates unrest on constitution panel

October 17, 2017, Florida Politics: Florida Bar aims to engage Floridians in constitutional review

October 17, 2017, CRC: CRC Commissioners Continue Sponsorship of Public Proposals and Ideas Regarding the Florida Constitution 

October 11, 2017, Florida Politics: SEIU highlights progressive proposals made to Constitutional Revision Commission

October 8, 2017, Florida Politics: CRC member: Changing write-in law ‘right thing to do’

October 3, 2017, The Capitolist: Florida Constitutional Revision Commission....Slowly Making Progress

October 2, 2017, Orlando Sentinel: Commentary: What would you add to the Florida Constitution?

October 2, 2017, News Service of Florida: Constitutional panel kicks off with cautious approach

September 25, 2017, The Ledger: Deadlines likely pushed back ballot proposals

September 25, 2017, Miami Herald: Think you know how Florida can fix its problems? Ideas accepted.

September 25, 2017, WTSP: Influence Florida: 20 years later, state's constitution up for change again

September 22, 2017, Florida Today: Campbell: Good, bad and ugly amendments could be coming soon to a ballot near you

September 26, 2017, CRC: CRC Unveils New Citizen Guide and “Get Involved” Webpage 


August 9, 2017, News Service of Florida: Timeline eyed for constitution proposals

July 14, 2017, Florida CRC: Committee Assignments Announced

July 13, 2017, Florida Politics: Rick Scott names Tom Grady to constitutional review panel

June 29, 2017: Florida Politics: Florida Taxwatch survey finds Florida voters unaware of Constitution Revision Commission

June 27, 2017, Florida Politics: Jimmy Patronis’ move to CFO creates PSC, CRC openings

June 27, 2017, Florida TaxWatch: The CRC Appears to be a Secret

June 14, 2017, TCPalm: Solari: Lots of state constitutional amendments proposed, but no plan to pay for them

June 11, 2017, The Bradenton Times: Beruff’s CRC Power Grab Temporarily Thwarted

June 9, 2017, Sun Sentinel: Scary signs from Florida's Constitution Revision Commission

June 6, 2017, WLRN: CRC Adopts Compromise Rules After Heated Debate

May 18, 2017, WGCU: Voter Rights, Restrictions Head Up Amendment Proposals At CRC Hearing

May 17, 2017, WGCU: CRC Watchdogs Blast Draft Rules

May 17, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Legislature's budget includes restrictions on Constitution Commission

May 17, 2017, SaintPetersBlog: Constitutional panel agrees to follow state budget language

May 17, 2017, News Service of Florida: Constitution panel wrestles with Sunshine Law

May 17, 2017, WFSU: CRC Working Group Debates Rules Of The Road

May 17, 2017, WLRN: Constitution Review Commission Still Working On Its Rules

April 16, 2017, Tallahassee Democrat: Our opinion: Elections issues should be at top of CRC’s agenda

April 13, 2017, Tallahassee Democrat: Abortions and closed primaries are hot CRC topics

April 13, 2017, Palm Beach Post: Privacy clause big focus of Constitution Revision panel so far

4/12/17 Point of View – Carlos Beruff, Chairman, Constitution Revision Commission (The Florida Channel VIDEO)

April 12, 2017, Florida Politics: Constitution Revision Commission chairman outlines rule-making plans

April 12, 2017, Florida Politics: On display in Tallahassee: What people want – and don’t want – from constitutional rewrite panel

April 10, 2017, Tampa Bay Times: Advocacy groups raises more concerns about Constitution Revision process

April 8, 2017, Palm Beach Post: Abortion, voting rights dominate constitution revision meeting in Boca

April 7, 2017, Orlando Sentinel: Editorial: Don't rewrite constitution behind closed doors

April 6, 2017, Miami Herald: Abortion rules, felon voting, and an FCAT ban. Time to rewrite Florida’s Constitution.

March 29, 2017, Orlando Sentinel: Crowd comes out for 1st Florida constitution hearing at UCF

March 29, 2017, Florida Politics: Constitution Revision Commission gets earful in Orlando

March 29, 2017, News 13: Florida Constitution Commission meets as watchdogs criticize

March 22, 2017, CRC Press Release, Chairman Beruff Announces Statewide “Floridians Speak, We Listen” Tour

3/20/17 Press Availability with Constitution Revision Commission Chair Carlos Beruff (The Florida Channel VIDEO)

2/6/17 Press Conference on 2017 Constitution Revision Commission Appointments (The Florida Channel VIDEO)

1/31/17 Associated Press Legislative Planning Session Panel Discussion on the Constitution Revision Commission (The Florida Channel VIDEO)

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