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2016 Election Results

November 9, 2016

At 1:40 am, the AP has called the state of Pennsylvania for Donald Trump, propelling him to over 270 electoral college votes and counting. It’s clear that America is living its own version of the Brexit vote as two parties lost tonight: the Democrat Party and the Republican Party pre-Donald Trump as both have been defeated.

  • Donald Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton in Florida by 1.4% or 128,029 votes.

  • Senator Marco Rubio defeats Congressman Patrick Murphy by 8% (52% - Murphy 44%) while receiving 215k more votes than Donald Trump and more than 343k votes than Hillary Clinton.

Multiple Supreme Court opinions and trial court decisions nets Fair Districts only one seat in both the Congressional & State Senate map.  

  • Florida’s congressional delegation shows 2 incumbents failing to win re-election in Republicans David Jolly & John Mica, however with Brian Mast & Neal Dunn picking up the Murphy & Graham seats respectively, the Fair Districts map results in no net change to Florida’s Congressional Delegation as it remains 17 Republicans | 10 Democrats (View Florida Congressional Delegation)


  • In the Florida Senate, the Republicans virtually run the table, losing only Senator DLP but picking up Senator Bullard’s seat, thus resulting in a net loss of only 1 seat from their current majority, which is former President Andy Gardiner’s district in Orlando.  In two weeks, the Florida Senate will be seated at 25 Republicans | 15 Democrats. (View Florida Senate)

  • In the Florida House, the Republicans lose no incumbents and manage to pick off Representative Amanda Murphy in HD 36. With HD 118 still in a recount with former Representative David Rivera trailing Robert Asencio by 50 votes, the Republicans new majority will be 78 Republicans | 41 Democrats. (View Florida House)


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We will be analyzing this race and it’s impact for many years to come…