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Daily Legislative Brief from January 28, 2016

Workers' Compensation

HB 613- Relating to Workers’ Compensation System Administration
On Thursday, January 28th, HB 613, relating to Workers’ Compensation System Administration, by Rep. Jennifer Sullivan (R-Eustis) was heard before the House Government Operations Appropriations Subcommittee and unanimously passed. AIF’s General Counsel, Tammy Perdue, stood in support of this bill.

The workers’ compensation law requires an employer to obtain coverage for their “employees” that provides for lost income and all medically necessary remedial treatment, attendance, and care resulting from work related injuries and occupational diseases. The Division of Workers’ Compensation within the Department of Financial Services (DFS) provides regulatory oversight of the system. The DFS’ responsibilities include enforcing employer compliance with coverage requirements, administration of the workers’ compensation health care delivery system, collecting system data, and assisting injured workers regarding their benefits and rights.

Our concern over the provision in the bill that could result in uninsured LLC members still remains, however, the bill sponsor prefaced in her opening that this provision will absolutely be taken out before HB 613 hits its next committee stop in the House Regulatory Affairs Committee. For this reason, AIF stands in support of this bill.

AIF supports Florida’s current workers’ compensation law and any proposed change to the workers’ compensation system- in the courtroom or Legislature- will be evaluated through the prism of coverage affordability, market stability, and employee safety.