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Daily Legislative Brief from February 9, 2016

Health Care

HB 221-Relating to Health Insurance Coverage for Emergency Services
On Tuesday, February 9th, HB 221, relating to Health Insurance Coverage for Emergency Services, by Rep. Carlos Trujillo (R-Doral) was heard before the House Appropriations Committee and unanimously passed. AIF’s General Counsel, Tammy Perdue, stood in support of this bill.

HB 221 is aimed at helping patients avoid unexpected charges from a procedure received at a hospital. A strike all was adopted which made several clarifying changes.  The bill would prohibit balance billing in PPOs under two scenarios. The first scenario explains that a patient cannot be balance billed in an emergency situation when the patient had no ability to choose a participating provider. The second scenario would be when an inpatient scheduled procedure at an approved in network hospital that patient cannot be balance billed.

Another provision in the bill would require hospitals to publish information on their websites regarding the plans with which the hospital contracts; and providers of hospital-based services with which the hospital has contracted. The hospital would also have to provide the providers’ contact information.

HB 221 will now go to the House Health & Human Services Committee.

AIF supports legislation that requires a patient to be presented with documentation regarding any charges for out-of-network services.