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Daily Legislative Brief from February 16, 2016

Economic Development

HB 1325- Relating to Economic Development
On Tuesday, February 16th, HB 1325, relating to Economic Development, by Rep. Jim Boyd (R-Bradenton) was heard by the House Transportation & Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee and passed with 11 yeas and 1 nay. AIF’s Senior Vice President of State and Federal Affairs, Brewster Bevis, stood in support of this bill.

HB 1325, much like its Senate companion SB 1646, is a very broad based economic development package that will bring the state and local governments together to improve their investment climate and business environment to enhance competitiveness, retain jobs, create jobs and improve incomes. This bill will modify economic development definitions, processes and administration.

View a complete list of what HB 1325 here.

HB 1325 will now go to the House Finance & Tax Committee.

AIF supports legislation that will bolster Florida’s business community throughout the state and help our state become the premiere location to move and grow your business.

Health Care

SB 1442-Relating to Out-of-network Health Insurance Coverage
On Tuesday, February 16th, SB 1442, relating to Out-of-network Health Insurance Coverage, by Senator Rene Garcia (R-Hialeah) was heard by the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee and passed with 11 yeas and 0 nays. AIF continues to support this bill.

The intent of this bill is to protect consumers from balance billing when that situation occurs in an emergency setting; the balance bill is the difference between the provider's charges and the amount the provider has received in reimbursement from the consumer's insurance plan. Provider charges in Florida are often 100 times more than Medicaid charges, so this legislation should cap a significant cost driver in today's health care system. 

This bill will now head to its final committee stop in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

AIF supports legislation that requires a patient to be presented with documentation regarding any charges for out-of-network services.

IT Governance

HB 1195-Relating to Technology
On Tuesday, February 16th, HB 1195, relating to Technology, by Rep. James Grant (R-Tampa) was heard before the House Government Operations Appropriations Subcommittee and passed by a vote of 11 yeas to 0 nays. AIF stood in support of this bill.

HB 1195 establishes a chief data officer (CDO) within AST; requires AST to create reporting format for certain data & publish such data in indexed catalog; requires that government entities annually provide indexed list of certain data to AST; provides list requirements. Once the CDO is in place, that position must request and receive data from any state or local government entity, as needed, to establish the interoperability of public data, for the purpose of maintaining and updating the data catalog.

This bill will now head to the House State Affairs Committee.

AIF supports legislative changes that will designate systems and processes to be implemented and operated at an enterprise (statewide or agency grouping) level and provide operational authority and funding to the AST.


SB 1036- Relating to Automobile Insurance
On Tuesday, February 16th, SB 1036, relating to Automobile Insurance, by Senator Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) was heard by the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee and unanimously passed with 7 yeas and 0 nays. AIF stood in support of this bill.

SB 1036 makes updates to the auto market, lessening the burden on businesses. These updates include making a mandatory pre-inspection program for used cars optional, and including provisions for electronic payments of insurance premiums.

Unfortunately, an amendment to undo the removal an unnecessary government mandate—regarding mandatory pre-inspections of certain used vehicles—did pass. AIF will continue to work to support the re-inclusion of this language, which removes a cost driver that serves no public purpose.

SB 1036 will now go to the Senate Rules Committee.

AIF supports smart, targeted reforms that help keep the insurance markets up to date and with the times.


SB 1262- Relating to Emergency Management
On Tuesday, February 16th, SB 1262, relating to Emergency Management, by Senator Wilton Simpson (R-Trilby) was heard by the Senate Finance and Tax Committee and unanimously passed by a vote of 7 yeas to 0 nays. AIF stood in support of this bill.

This legislation would remove hindrances, such as taxes and regulations, that in any other situation would be the normal course of business for out of state companies coming to Florida to assist with emergency response during a disaster situation.

SB 1262 will now go to the Senate Appropriations Committee for a hearing.

AIF supports legislation that will remove the loop holes’ businesses would ordinarily have to go through when coming to Florida to aide in a state of emergency.