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Daily Legislative Brief from March 15, 2017

Public Notices

HB 897-Relating Public Notices by Local Governmental Entities
On Wednesday, March 15th, HB 897, relating to Public Notices by Local Governmental Entities, by Representative Richard Stark (D-Weston) was heard by the House Local, Federal & Veterans Affairs Subcommittee and temporarily postponed. AIF stood in opposition to this bill.

The Florida Constitution requires public notice be given for meetings at which official acts are to be taken or where public business is to be conducted. Several statutory provisions require notice to be given for certain actions undertaken by local governments. The bill authorizes counties and municipalities to publish legally required notices and advertisements on their official websites instead of in print.

As HB 897 was temporarily postponed we do not expect this bill to be calendared for another hearing.

AIF continues to support requirements that public notices be printed in local newspapers as defined by Chapter 50, Florida Statutes, as well as displayed on the Internet.