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Daily Legislative Brief from March 28, 2017


HB 1107-Relating to Public Records/Workers’ Compensation
On Tuesday, March 28th, HB 1107, relating to Public Records/Workers’ Compensation, by Representative Ben Albritton (R-Bartow) was heard by the House Oversight, Transparency & Administration Subcommittee and passed. AIF stood in support of this bill.

This bill would exempt private and personal identifying information of an injured worker or deceased employee from public record. Currently, this information is open to the public and often times injured workers are inundated with outreach from attorneys wanting to take on their cases immediately after filing their claim.

HB 1107 will now go to the House Commerce Committee for its third hearing.

AIF SUPPORTS protecting the private information of injured or deceased employees.

Please see the statement below from our President & CEO, Tom Feeney, regarding HB 1107:

AIF: HB 1107 is a Solution to Restoring Stable, Self-executing &
Affordable Workers’ Compensation System

Tallahassee, Fla. – The Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) today released the following statement on behalf of its President & CEO Tom Feeney, who also serves as the chair of its “Florida Workers’ Compensation Strategic Task Force,” in support of House Bill 1107, by Representative Ben Albritton, relating to Public Records/Workers’ Compensation.  HB 1107 was today heard in the House Oversight, Transparency and Administration Subcommittee, its second committee of reference.

“Since the Florida Supreme Court declared the workers’ compensation system unconstitutional, AIF’s ‘Florida Workers’ Compensation Strategic Task Force’ has proposed legislation that would provide a stable, self-executing and affordable system to care for injured workers.

“HB 1107 heard today in the House Oversight, Transparency and Administration Subcommittee addresses one component of our overall goal to relieve burdensome pressures on Florida’s employers by exempting public record requirements relating to injured or deceased workers.   

“AIF commends Representative Albritton and the committee for recognizing the importance of not publicizing personal information of injured workers, and looks forward to seeing this good public policy move through the process.”

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