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AIF Health care task force


The Foundation of Associated Industries of Florida launched an online portal (www.healthcareflorida.com) for the Health Care Affordability Summit.  This Summit, serves as forum for some of the most knowledgeable stakeholders in the health industry to discuss the many challenges to Florida’s health care delivery system, as well as help establish potential health care modernization proposals that will help employers and Floridians to afford quality health care in the future.

AIF has convened some of the leading thinkers on health care policy to identify issues affecting the three most important principles of health care:  Quality, Access, and Affordability.  The challenges surrounding health care in Florida are incredibly complex.  There are millions of uninsured Floridians and employers struggle to afford health care coverage for their employees.  It is the goal of AIF, working in conjunction with our Foundation, legislative leaders, the Governor, and business leaders, to develop a three to five year health care agenda that will address the many cost drivers in the system and help modernize delivery in our state.

AIF will reach out to its employer members to get their input on the many health care decisions facing them today.  We welcome any and all participation by our members, and we hope to see you at the Summit.  For more information or if your company or association is interested in sponsoring the Summit, please contact Tamela Perdue, AIF General Counsel, at 850-224-7173 or via email at tperdue@aif.com.

The future of Florida’s economy and well-being depends on thoughtful policy reforms to provide affordable, accessible, and quality health care to Floridians.

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