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These voting records are of the utmost importance to your business. These records reflect how each member of the Florida Legislature voted on key issues affecting industry for each of the years listed.

AIF is the undisputed leader in providing the business community with comprehensive vote records that allow employers to gauge how legislators are casting votes on bills that affect their businesses.

While these are not all of the issues debated in the Legislature, they are those that had the greatest impact on the business community - either in a fiscal or a regulatory manner. Each issue required a legislator's deliberate vote, either for or against a positive economic climate.

During a campaign it matters very little what a candidate professes he or she will do regarding a particular issue if his or her voting record cannot support that stand. Your company, its employees and its stockholders have a stake in the legislative process. We hope this information will give you the insight needed to draw your own conclusions as to whether your legislators' voting patterns have been in the best interest of your business. We urge you to become involved in the electoral process by supporting those candidates who have supported you - and industry as a whole.

So, for over 40 years, AIF has published Voting Records — the definitive legislative scorecard for the business community. With term limits, the historical aspect of a legislator’s votes is more important than ever. Former legislators are showing up on the ballot again, and the ability to quickly view their past voting records is critical. In some cases, it will allow employers to match campaign promises with actual votes cast.

The unique software created by AIF provides you with a multitude of options when viewing voting records online. You can choose to see votes by year, legislator’s name, subject, and party affiliation. Have one particular legislator in mind? No problem. You can view their vote record by year or by subject matter, and then go even further and see the exact votes that led to the percentage they received. That’s right. Full transparency … from a legislator’s vote percentage to the very bills and votes that were used that session.

So how robust is this program? It includes 241,266 votes, 2,505 bills, and 983 legislators over a span of 46 years. Online Voting Records — a one-of-a-kind tool only available from Associated Industries of Florida.