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Today, employers and the world at large stand at the precipice of a new era with Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology will have an enormous impact on all sectors of the business community as AI is already influencing life and global competition dramatically. Whether it be in providing goods and services, how HR functions or the concern of the new legal and regulatory landscape that is surely to follow, those who operate a business, big or small, will need to pay attention to this ever-evolving issue.

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Why This Coalition?

Federal Government Moving Quickly on AI

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) developed an AI Accountability Framework to assist Congress in addressing emerging AI technologies’ complexities, risks, and societal consequences. Other framework lays out critical practices to help ensure accountability and responsible AI use by federal agencies and other entities involved in designing, developing, deploying, and continuously monitoring AI systems. The framework focuses on four principles—governance, data, performance, and monitoring—which provide structures and processes to manage, operate, and oversee the implementation of AI systems.

AI in Florida

There are already multiple bills filed for the 2024 Legislative Session dealing with AI. With the rapid expansion of AI use, the State of Florida is at a critical juncture. Florida’s business community must engage policymakers to ensure well-informed decisions are made by policymakers and to allow for continued advances while mitigating possible risks.

Time for the Business Community to Get Involved

As AI’s influence accelerates and both the state and federal government begin to act, there will be numerous challenges for employers. In 2024, Florida stands at a critical juncture on the issue of artificial intelligence and the AIF Coalition for the Future of AI in Business aims to guide the state to responsibly embrace AI opportunities. The mission is clear— educate policymakers on the concerns of employers and help develop guidelines for accountable and innovative AI policies.

There is strong consensus among elected officials and business leaders in the United States that thoughtful measures are necessary to prevent bad actors from using AI to impose harm to others or threaten our national security. As we consider proposals for legislation or regulation, it is critically important that policies continue to foster innovation and promote the adaptation of emerging technologies.

As a business organization that has been around for over 100 years, Associated Industries knows all too well that when an emerging issue begins to develop, the business community is often left often trying to determine its role and the affect it will have on businesses. This Coalition puts the business community at front of this issue, developing the strategies and collaborating with legislators to ensure that Florida’s employers have a voice.

Coalition Mission

Bring business sectors together to:

  • develop guidelines for accountable and innovative AI policies and
  • educate and engage with policymakers to ensure a responsible regulatory structure.

Coalition Activities

Educational Component

  • Familiarize key legislative leaders with how AI is currently being implemented in the business community in a broad way and discuss future applications.
  • Hold round table events to bring legislative leaders and business leaders together to discuss the issue and its future impact.

Policy Component

  • Develop and pass a broadly agreed upon definition of AI to be used as a launching point for policy development in the future.


Coalition Membership

Using the unmatched expertise of AIF members in collaboration with non-AIF members and stakeholders with AI expertise, the Coalition will be comprised of the following levels:

Founding Members

These AIF members will be instrumental in establishing policy guidelines and have final approval of the Coalition’s work product.

Workgroup Leaders

Several workgroups will be formed to do the preliminary work on the various sectors of AI that need to be explored.

Partner Members

Non-AIF organizations that provide expertise and critical input and participate with the workgroups.


For more information on the Coalition, please contact
Adam Basford, Vice-President of Governmental Affairs (