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The 2018 AIF Annual Conference was on September 12-14th at the JW Marriott in Orlando. Another successful member event, participants were provided an opportunity to hear from policy makers, statewide candidates and business leaders.

The Champions for Business Awards Presentation & Luncheon was well attended and allowed AIF members and their guests the chance to honor several legislators for their extraordinary efforts in support of the business community. This year’s Conference included a detailed review of the Constitution Revision Commission’s work over the past year with an overview of amendments that will be placed on the ballot, a synopsis of the upcoming election and “blue wave” prediction realities, perspectives on the current happenings in Washington D.C., and an important  discussion with a group of incoming freshman legislators on their priorities for the 2019 Legislative Session. Closing out the Conference, AIF’s Vice President of Political Operations, Ryan Tyson, provided the attendees with an insightful look at the populism, race and nationalization of our state politics.

As this is an vital election year, our agenda boasted the names of the Republican nominees running for Governor, Attorney General, Commissioner of Agriculture and Chief Financial Officer. AIF and its Board of Directors announced the endorsement of these candidates at the Conference and provided our attendees with a chance to get to know these four individuals in a more intimate setting. Moreover, the AIFPAC hosted a very successful statewide fundraiser for the cabinet candidates that joined us for the conference and for several candidates running for state House and Senate offices. This event presented a casual and relaxed moment for members to connect with the candidates and discuss stances on the policy issues of Florida’s business community.

Below you will find photosof the speakers and events.  Please plan to join us for the 2019 AIF Annual Conference next fall!

Annual Conference Videos

2018 Champions for Business
Opening Remarks
Tom Feeney
Meet the Candidate
Jimmy Patronis
Meet the Candidate
Matt Caldwell
Meet the Candidate
Ron DeSantis
CRC Presentation
Fred Karlinsky
Steve Vancore
Washington Perspective
Al Cardenas
New State Legislators


2018 FAIF Golf Tournament

HCA Team: Rob Johnson, Ryan Anderson, Rep. Amber Mariano, & Jon Costello
Enterprise Team
Christine Pantis and Rep. Stan McClain
Comcast Team: Will McKinley, Brian Musselwhite, Rep. Josie Tomkow & Charlie Dudley
AT&T Team: Brewster Bevis, Rep. Ray Rodrigues, Casey Reed & Slater Bayliss
Anheuser-Busch Team: Cory Guzzo, Rep. Bobby Payne, Jon Rees & Jose Gonzalez
Brad Nail, Rep. Jason Fischer, Stephanie Smith & Brad Swanson
CenturyLink Team: Christie Pantis & Rep. Stan McClain
Verizon Team
FPL Team 2: Eddie Metzger, Melissa Kamba & Rep. Bob Rommel
Andy Feeney, Paul Anderson, Tom Feeney & Rep. Larry Ahern
FPL Team 1: John Holley, Rep. Halsey Beshears, Tracy Mayernick & Frank Mayernick
Duke Energy Team: Melanie Bigelow, Cameron Cooper, Rep. Stan McClure & Chris Flack
The Advocacy Group Team: Rep. Jennifer Sullivan, Stephen Shiver & Chris Chaney
Energy Fairness Team: Rep. James Grant, Mike Haridopolis & Laura Schepis
Mike Bell, Mercer Fearington, Howard Drake & Rep. Randy Fine


2018 Champions for Business

100% Club Award Winners
Mike Bell, Tom Feeney & Sen. Dana Young
Brewster Bevis, Sen. Kathleen Passidomo, Tom Feeney & Cecil Pearce
Jose Gonzalez, Tom Feeney, Rep. Joe Gruters & Jon Rees
Rep. Joe Gruters, Brewster Bevis, Tom Feeney, Jon Rees & Jose Gonzalez
Brewster Bevis, Tom Feeney & Rep. Joe Gruters
Brewster Bevis & Rep. Matt Caldwell
Brewster Bevis & Rep. Bob Cortes
Brewster Bevis & Rep. Byron Donalds
Brewster Bevis & Rep. Jason Fischer
Brewster Bevis & Rep. Gayle Harrell
Brewster Bevis & Rep. Randy Fine
Brewster Bevis & Rep. Amber Mariano
Brewster Bevis & Rep. Tom Leek
Brewster Bevis & Rep. Mel Ponder
Brewster Bevis & Rep. Rick Roth
Brewster Bevis & Rep. Charile Stone
Brewster Bevis & Matt Willhite
100% Club
Sen. Dana Young
Tom Feeney & Sen. Dana Young
Tom Feeney, Sen. Kathleen Passidomo & Cecil Pearce

2018 Conference Speakers

Tom Feeney
Tom Feeney
Sen. Dana Young
Rep. Joe Gruters
Congressman Ron DeSantis
Fred Karlinsky
Fred Karlinsky
Ryan Tyson
Ryan Tyson
Steve Vancore
Rep. Joe Gruters
Sen. Dana Young & Rep. Joe Gruters
Judge Ashley Moody & Tom Feeney
Judge Ashley Moody & Tom Feeney
Rep. Matt Caldwell & Tom Feeney
Rep. Matt Caldwell & Tom Feeney
CFO Jimmy Patronis & Tom Feeney
CFO Jimmy Patronis
Congressman Ron DeSantis
Congressman Ron DeSantis
Congressman Ron DeSantis
Tom Feeney
Al Cardenas
Al Cardenas
Rep. Joe Casello (elect) & Rep. Josie Tomkow
Rep. Josie Tomkow
Rep. Javier Fernandez

2018 Conference General Sessions

Rep. Joe Gruters & Sen. Dana Young
Greg Smith, Sen. Kathleen Passidomo, Melanie Bigelow & Rep. Jim Boyd
Bob Asztalos & Rep. Gayle Harrell
Rep. Randy Fine, Rep. Tom Leek & Rep. Mel Ponder
Welcome Session
Rep. Matt Caldwell & Brewster Bevis
Brewster Bevis & Rep. Jim Boyd
General Session
David Smith, Bob Asztalos, Sen. David Simmosn & Rep. Bob Cortes
Judge Ashley Moody & Bob Asztalos
Meet the Candidates Session
Congressman Ron DeSantis & Tom Feeney

2018 AIFPAC Fundraiser

Rick Murrell, Congressman Ron DeSantis & Jerry Sansom
Congressman Ron DeSantis
Rep. Matt Caldwell
Rob Henderson & CFO Jimmy Patronis
Sam Blair & Judge Ashley Moody
Judge Ashley Moody & Jamal Sowell
Rep. Matt Caldwell, Judge Ashley Moody & Jimmy Patronis
Rep. Matt Caldwell, Judge Ashley Moody & Jimmy Patronis
Rep. Matt Caldwell, Judge Ashley Moody, Tom Feeney & Jimmy Patronis
Rep. Matt Caldwell, Judge Ashley Moody, Tom Feeney & Jimmy Patronis
Casey Reed & Rep. Jason Fischer

Chairman’s Circle

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