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May 1, 2001

House Democratic Leader Frankel Tops List, House Democrats Take 37 of Top 40 Spots

The Florida AFL-CIO recently recognized the members of the Florida House Democratic Caucus for their strong support of issues important to working Floridians and their families. House Democratic Leader Lois Frankel has accepted an award from the Florida AFL-CIO for topping the labor organization's rankings of lawmakers for the 2001 Legislative Session. "I am very proud to receive this honor" House Democratic Leader Frankel said. "Every day, House Democrats dedicate themselves to standing on the side of Florida's working families." House Democrats fought vigorously this past session to preserve job security for state workers and to stop efforts to reduce teacher participation in political campaigns. House Democratic Leader Frankel received the honor during the Florida AFL-CIO's 2001 Biennial Convention in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The standards for ranking lawmakers consisted of the following items:

  •  Effectiveness at passing legislation beneficial to workers, retirees and their families.
  •  Consistency of supporting legislation beneficial to workers, retirees and families, whether or not the legislation passed.
  •  Effectiveness at influencing colleagues on behalf of legislation beneficial to workers, retirees and families, particularly through debate.
  •  Accessibility and openness to AFL-CIO lobbyists, COPE members and friends of labor.
  •  Fairness and willingness to help labor.

The top 10 members of the House in 2001, as ranked by the Florida AFL-CIO, were:

1. Lois Frankel, West Palm Beach

2. Susan Bucher, West Palm Beach

3. Loranne Ausley, Tallahassee

4. Tim Ryan, Dania Beach

5. Ken Gottlieb, Miramar

6. Doug Wiles, St. Augustine

7. Perry McGriff, Gainesville

8. Eleanor Sobel, Hollywood

9. Sara Romeo, Tampa

10. Chris Smith, Ft. Lauderdale

The Florida AFL-CIO represents more than 500,000 Florida workers, retirees and their families. The Florida AFL-CIO represents workers from a

wide spectrum of fields including: law enforcement; teachers; public service employees; mechanics; building trades workers; professional employees;

and health care workers.

A complete list of House rankings can be found on the Florida AFL-CIO web site at: <http://www.flaflcio.org/Main/legislator_rankings.htm>