January 17 2001
Source: Executive Office of the Governor

TALLAHASSEE - For the third consecutive year, improving student achievement in Florida remains Governor Jeb Bush’s top priority. Governor Bush today announced his Executive Budget for fiscal year 2001-2002-unveiling his recommendations to the legislature, which include increased funding levels for education, infrastructure, public safety, services for the most vulnerable among us, and enhancing the environment. The Governor's $43.2 billion proposed budget meets the most important needs of Florida’s citizens, while reducing inefficiencies and unaccountable spending.

“It is the responsibility of government to find new and creative ways to spend our taxpayer dollars in the wisest manner, just as we would our own family budget,” said Governor Bush. “This year’s budget focuses on sound recommendations that are based on thorough agency reviews of the services provided by our state and re-prioritizing our funds to pay for services that are the highest priority. We must strive not to spend every dollar, and give tax relief to our citizens who work hard and deserve to enjoy a productive life.” Highlights of today’s Executive Budget announcement include:
A total of $5 billion in transportation projects, including funding to enhance and accelerate Fast Track and Mobility 2000 road projects statewide.

A $531 million, 4.5 percent increase in funding for K-12 public schools, including $51 million for teacher recruitment and retention inititiatves.

$313 million in tax cuts, including savings for Florida’s families and business, and the third of four steps to phase out the senior/anti-saver intangibles tax. In the 2001/2002 fiscal year budget, the Bush/Brogan administration continues to meet the state’s most important needs while demonstrating a commitment to limited government and economic vitality and growth. The proposed budget will attain reserves at an unprecedented high of $3.8 billion, nearly tripling reserve levels over three years.

The Governor’s executive budget offers the first interactive, fully searchable web- based e-budget in state and national history, with quick access and user-friendly information available to all Floridians. The detailed budget can be accessed online at www.ebudget.state.fl.us or www.myflorida.com/ebudget