April 12, 2001
Source: Representative Tom Feeney,  Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives

Today, Speaker Tom Feeney and The Florida House of Representatives reiterated their strong commitment to reducing the tax burden on Florida’s families, seniors and savers. "The Florida House pledged to increase education dollars. And we have. We promised to reduce the burden of government on Florida’s citizens. And we are. And we fulfilled our commitment to help Florida’s families keep their hard-earned dollars," stated Speaker Tom Feeney.

Currently, there are three major initiatives in the House that will provide various forms of tax relief for Floridians:

  • •House Bill 21, by House Majority Leader Mike Fasano is the third phase of a four-step plan to eliminate the Intangibles Tax on savings and investments.
  • House Bill 251, by Rep. Bev Kilmer, continues the popular sales tax holiday on clothing, which many families depend upon to purchase back-to-school clothing for their children.
  • House Bill 573, by Rep. Hugh Gibson, and Majority Whip Marco Rubio will exempt from property taxes any home additions built to enable a family to care for their aging relatives.

"These family and senior-friendly tax cuts go straight to the heart of our Republican beliefs. They end an unfair form of double taxation, encourage our seniors and savers to be responsible with their finances and help Florida families when they need it most. That is why I am supporting these great bills: So that I can go tell people of my district that this Legislature has fulfilled its commitment to let them keep more of their hard-earned," said House Majority Leader Mike Fasano.