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April 19, 2001

TALLAHASSEE — Today, the Florida Democratic Leadership Council’s MAINSTREAM FORUM released the following statements in support of the Cabinet reorganization plan proposed by Comptroller Robert Milligan.

"This was a no-brainer," said Rep Ron Greenstein (D-Coconut Creek), House co-chair of the MAINSTREAM FORUM. "The FORUM voted to endorse the Milligan plan because it makes sense to have the person responsible for banking, insurance, and securities beholden to the governor and Cabinet. This concept is already in place for some other executive branch agencies and has worked very well. We feel that General Milligan’s proposal will best serve the interest of the people of Florida."

"We talked at length in the FORUM about General Milligan’s plan and the vote to endorse his concept was unanimous," said Sen. Rod Smith (D-Gainesville), the Forum’s Senate co-chair. "We all felt that giving regulatory control over these three major industries was too much responsibility for one person and too much power for one elected official. The people voted for accountability and this seems to fulfill that mandate from the citizens."

The MAINSTREAM FORUM, the Florida DLC’s legislative policy arm, is composed of centrist, pro-business Democrats. The FORUM members goal is to pursue the public interest without the rancor of partisan politics.