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April 27, 2001
Source: Representative Tom Feeney,  Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives

Today, House Speaker Tom Feeney proposed increasing K-12 Education by $7.6 Billion Dollars.

“The House has proposed to the Senate that we will match their education allocations, with the guarantee that $92 Million dollars will be spent only in teacher retention projects, not bureaucracy. We have made education our priority, and want to demonstrate our commitment to teachers by ensuring that Florida’s classrooms are the primary beneficiaries,” stated Speaker Feeney.

House Appropriations Chairman, Carlos Lacasa made the offer to Senate Appropriations Chairman, Jim Horne contingent on the Senate addressing several other House priorities. One such priority is passing House Bill 1509 which helps Bright Futures Scholar recipients earn their degree in three years, save families approximately $5,000, and the state $32 Million annually.

“Our proposal promotes the principles and philosophies of the Florida House: less taxation, less government and more personal freedom. We are asking the Senate to help reduce bureaucracy, return tax dollars to taxpayers, and expand opportunities for Florida’s students.

“This is a great victory for the state of Florida. Instead of spending dollars for the sake of spending, the Florida House will encourage wise spending. The House priorities will be reflected in this compromise, by downsizing bureaucratic spending in government and education and funding critical services first.

“We are grateful to the Senate for working with the House to help Floridians,” said Speaker Feeney.