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Speaker Feeney Comments on Democrat's Budget Suggestions

November 20, 2001
Source: Representative Tom Feeney, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives

Today, after an initial review of the House Democratic Caucus's budget suggestions on the $1.3 billion in reductions that must be made in order to have a balanced budget, Speaker Feeney made these remarks:

"I appreciate the fact that Representative Frankel and the House Democratic Caucus recognize the extent of the fiscal crisis facing our state due to the terrorist attacks of September 11th."

"I welcome any ideas that will allow government to continue on with its' fundamental functions, while saving the state money."

"One idea presented by the Democratic Caucus was the full repeal of the intangibles tax relief package. A vote on the full repeal of the intangibles tax relief package was already presented on the House floor and voted down by a two to one margin by Florida's elected legislature."

"However, I would encourage House Appropriations Chair, Carlos Lacasa, to give serious and thoughtful consideration to any other responsible budget suggestions made in this extremely difficult circumstance."

"I continue to commend Chairman Lacasa for a tremendous job on the budget, his loyalty to our state, and friendship to me. While some politicians shrink from duty and hurl invectives when courage and responsibility are needed, he has proven to be a Statesman during this time of crisis."

"Any members of the Florida House that have constructive ideas or suggestions regarding Florida's budget are welcome and encouraged to present those ideas to the House Fiscal Responsibility Council or anytime during the legislative process."