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Byrd Legislative Waiting Period Passes House Unanimously

March 5, 2002

Today, the Florida House of Representatives unanimously passed House Joint Resolution 765.  Sponsored by Speaker-Designate, Rep. Johnnie Byrd (R-Plant City), this constitutional amendment will require all proposed legislation to be furnished to each member of the Legislature at least 48 hours prior to its final passage.  The measure now goes to the Florida Senate for consideration.

“It is important that Florida’s citizens, lawmakers, and the media have adequate time to review and respond to proposed legislation,” stated Rep. Byrd.  “Not only will a 48-hour review period benefit Florida through additional notice, it will streamline workloads during session and ensure a more efficient system of government in our state,” added Rep. Byrd.

Florida is not the first to propose such a review requirement; New York, Michigan, and Hawaii also have similar constitutional provisions.

If passed through the Florida Senate, the 48-hour requirement amending Article III, Section 4 of the Florida Constitution, will be placed on the November 2002 ballot.