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Statement From Governor Jeb Bush Regarding the End of Special Session

April 8, 2002
Source: The Executive Office of the Governor

“I am frustrated and disappointed that the Legislature did not pass the new School Code legislation for which I called a Special Session this week.

“Education is Florida’s top priority. Without this legislation, critical programs such as Bright Futures will end. The full integration of our K-20 system will be delayed. This is a good bill, and an essential one for our entire educational system.

“The issues that were raised today are worthy of thoughtful attention, but that attention could have been directed at the relevant portions of the bill during the several weeks it has been in consideration. Today’s debate was not over new language, it did not change anything for Florida’s schools, and it conforms completely to existing federal or state statues and court decisions.

“I pledge to continue working with House and Senate leadership to get the people’s business done.

“It is time to put aside the petty politics and serve the citizens of Florida.”