The House Sails Through The People's Business

March 5, 2002
The Florida House of Representatives

Today, the House of Representatives voted 80-34 for a $48.5 billion budget coined by legislative leaders as the "House Responsible Budget". The Revenue Estimating Conference is scheduled to meet this Friday, and early predictions suggest that anywhere between $300 and $500 million in additional revenue will be announced.

"I am incredibly proud of the House for prioritizing the needs of Floridians without increasing the tax burden on our citizens. Our budget increases per student K-12 spending at a rate higher than inflation and fully funds key healthcare programs without the Senate's proposed tax increase," said House Speaker Tom Feeney.

In addition to passing the budget, which is first of three constitutional obligations set forth for the legislature, the House also diligently worked through the first and second readings of the Congressional, State House and State Senate Redistricting Plans.

"The Florida House today debated a series of redistricting proposals after the most open and accessible process in Florida's history, the best constitutional advice available, and the fairest possible representation for the citizen's of our state. The Florida House once again fulfilled its' constitutional duties in a respectful, efficient and responsible manner," said House Speaker Tom Feeney.

A final vote by the House is planned Wednesday on Congressional, State House, and State Senate Redistricting plans. In the pending federal litigation matter, Judge Patricia Seitz granted the Speaker of the Florida House's motion to expedite briefing and has ordered the plaintiff's to serve the remaining plaintiffs.