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Speaker Feeney Applauds Governor for Budget Success

June 5, 2002
Representative Tom Feeney,  Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives

Today, Governor Jeb Bush signed into law the 2002-2003 Florida Responsible Budget.

"I want to congratulate Governor Bush for his strong leadership and dedication to producing a budget that continues to responsibly meet the needs of all Floridians.

While other states have experienced fiscal reductions or downfalls after the tragedies of September 11th, Florida has increased spending by $1.4 billion dollars.  This is a true testament to the fiscal stability, health and prosperity of our state," said House Speaker Tom Feeney. 

"Under the leadership of Governor Bush and the Republican led legislature, funding for our teachers, classrooms and teachers, providing for our most vulnerable citizens, promoting economic stimulus and preserving our environment continued to be the top priority," said House Speaker Tom Feeney. 

The $50.4 billion budget includes the largest funding increase ever for K-12 education, totaling  $1.1 billion dollars this year.  The historic overall dollar increase for K-12 since 1999 is $3 billion dollars.

Speaker Feeney also praised House Appropriations Chairman Carlos Lacasa for his tremendous success in creating a budget of which all Floridians can be proud.