Speaker Byrd Advises Legislators to Involve Private Sector in Innovative Health Care Solutions

January 10, 2003
The Florida House of Representatives

Addressing participants of the 2003 Florida Health Care Summit today, House Speaker Johnnie Byrd strongly urged legislators to involve the private sector in developing innovative solutions to Florida ’s health care concerns.

“To solve our healthcare issues, we must include ideas for positive solutions from all groups and individuals. Health care providers and insurers should be free to share their ideas and encouraged to help create a vibrant, dynamic private healthcare system that meets the needs of real patients, respond to the dissatisfactions in the marketplace, and treat people with dignity and respect. We must find a way to empower individuals and consumers of healthcare,” said Byrd.

The Florida Health Care Summit is aimed at providing research-based information and policy analysis tools to members of the Florida State Legislature for their use in addressing a range of important health care issues.

“We will work together toward making Florida ’s healthcare more efficient, modern, and responsive. We can begin by focusing our healthcare priorities on legislation that protects the health and safety of the patient, practitioner and provider,” said Byrd. “We can accomplish this goal by removing unnecessary barriers to healthcare and streamlining regulation of practitioners and health facilities and by reducing unnecessary paperwork. Our ultimate goal must be access to affordable, quality healthcare for Florida patients.”

The Florida Health Care Summit takes place January 9th  and 10th.