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Representative Connie Mack to File Workers' Compensation Reform Package

January 13, 2003
The Florida House of Representatives

Today, Representative Connie Mack (R, District 91) announced that he is filing legislation to reform Florida ’s worker’s compensation system by increasing benefits to injured workers, while reducing the premiums paid by businesses in the State of Florida .

“My main priority for this legislation is Florida’s injured workers,” said Representative Mack, “We can increase benefits to injured workers, provide a better health care delivery system with fewer litigation hassles, and reduce the cost of worker’s compensation insurance to the business community of this state.  I believe this bill addresses the problems in the system and will accomplish the priorities important to the people of the State.”

This legislative proposal doubles monetary impairment benefits paid to injured workers and speeds up the delivery of both wage and medical benefits to injured workers.  Many of the measures contained in the legislation will reduce the sky-rocketing costs of worker’s compensation in Florida .  When claims are litigated in Florida , the cost is much higher than claims litigated in any other state.  Permanent total cases have increased dramatically due to the abuses in the current system.  This bill will curtail these expenses.

“As Chairman of the Workforce and Economic Development subcommittee, I believe this bill will go along way to further stimulate our economy,” Representative Mack continued.  “The Worker’s Comp system in Florida has for far too long been a system that provides low benefits to injured workers and high costs to employers.  This bill will reform a system long overdue for reform.  These reforms will be good for the workers of this state, the businesses in this state, and our overall economy.”

The National Council on Compensation Insurance stated that this bill could yield significant savings in premium to the employers of this state.  Such savings will allow the businesses of this state to obtain more affordable coverage and provide greater benefits to injured workers.

Representative Mack concluded, “Working together, we will reform this broken system and make our state a better place to live and raise a family.”