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Speaker Byrd, Republican & Democrat Leaders Announce Agreement on Prescription Drugs

February 3, 2003
The Florida House of Representatives

Florida House Speaker Johnnie Byrd ( R-Plant City ), standing together with House Minority Leader Doug Wiles (D-St. Augustine), Representative Dan Gelber ( D-Miami Beach ), Representative Bruce Kyle (R-Ft. Myers), Representative Dudley Goodlette (R- Naples), and Representative Carole Green (R-Ft. Myers), announced today that a consensus had been reached regarding a plan for affordable prescription drugs for Florida ’s eligible seniors.

“I have said from the beginning that doing the right thing is neither a Republican nor a Democrat idea,” said Speaker Byrd. “Building on the success of Florida ’s Silver Saver Program, this plan is a testament to our commitment to putting people and results over politics.”

"Despite all that is written, this is living proof that bi-partisanship can work in Tallahassee ," said Representative Wiles. "The Speaker and I are committed to bridging the partisan and regional gulfs that often divide us. Today, I am pleased that the fruit of that relationship will bring much needed prescription drug relief for a large number of Florida seniors."

“ Florida 's fixed income seniors have been unable to escape the crush of prescription drug costs," said Representative Dan Gelber. "This program will deliver long-overdue relief to a large number of Florida seniors."

“An additional 250,000 Florida seniors will receive help with their prescription drugs because we all worked together. This kind of bi-partisan consensus goes a long way towards helping us build a better Florida ,” said Representative Dudley Goodlette.

To qualify, a Florida resident must be 65 or older with an income at or below 200 % of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Recipients would be able to purchase $160 a month of prescriptions with the state’s help.

The program would provide assistance to an estimated 250,000 Florida seniors with $30 million in state funds.

Between 120%-150% 50%
Between 150%-175% 42%
Between 175%-200% 38%