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Workers' Compensation Bill Requires Attention

April 7, 2003

This Wednesday, April 9, 2003 , is slated to be a pivotal day in the Legislature for the future of workers’ compensation in this state.  The House proposed committee bill (PCB) on workers’ compensation is scheduled for consideration by the House Insurance Committee.

If a bill passes that does not significantly reduce costs, the workers’ compensation crisis will continue to escalate and create an impossible strain on the state’s economy

There are several amendments filed that will significantly increase costs.  For a workers’ compensation system that is already on the brink of collapse, employers can not ill afford misguided amendments. 

We urge you to look at the following list of  committee members to determine if YOUR legislator is on that list.  If so, then please email, call or fax YOUR legislator and urge them to take following actions.

  • support elimination of hourly rate attorney fees for claimant’s attorneys without any exceptions

  • oppose any amendment to change  PCB language concerning permanent total disability benefits