The Importance of Small Business

April 25, 2003
Source: Office of the Florida House Speaker Johnnie Byrd

Florida’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Yet, the cost of doing business and hiring willing workers is becoming harder than ever.

That is why the Florida House is committed to keep Florida working and supporting the small business engine that drives Florida . We believe that less government regulation and intrusion is just what Floridians need to stimulate innovation.

Over 2/3 of Florida businesses are small businesses that employ 4 or less people. These folks work hard and pay taxes. They do not deserve to work nearly five months of the year just to pay their tax burden.

They deserve the freedom to pursue the American dream, employ Floridians, and provide for their families. Entrepreneurs throughout America ’s history have forged ahead with vision unhindered by excessive rules and laws.

Our strength is not rooted in the large corporations that headline on Wall Street. It’s fashioned in the Mom and Pop stores on Main Street .

When taxes rise and regulations intrude, Florida businesses lose their competitive edge to neighboring states and international conglomerates. That is why we must not allow the scope of state government to grow out of hand.

Every Friday, small businessmen and women across Florida have to make choices about whether or not they will be able to make payroll, offer benefits, and keep their businesses in operation.

And their decisions to keep the doors open, add a new employee, or expand to a larger facility, often hinge on the atmosphere created by government.

In the Florida House we have resolved to make government responsive to the needs of small businesses. Above all, we are striving to create an atmosphere of innovation, reduce red tape, and keep Florida working.