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 Workers’ Compensation Reform 

April 28, 2003

Call Your Senator IMMEDIATELY : Ask them to support the House approach  on workers’ compensation 

It is imperative that a bill that reduces rates pass this session

  • CS/HB 1837 creates a cost reduction for Florida ’s employers of up to 14.2% for all employers and 18.2% for the construction industry
  • Eliminates hourly rate attorney fees – one of the system’s biggest cost drivers accounting for Florida having costs on litigated claims 40% higher than the cost of litigated claims country wide
  • Eliminates exemptions in the construction industry – but still protects “Mom & Pop’s” by allowing exemption for up to 3 corporate officers each owning at least 10% of corporation
  • Removes outdated social security test from definition of “catastrophic injury” and tightly define permanent total disability and limit payment to those up to the age of 75 – the primary reason why Florida ’s very expensive permanent total claims are filed 5 times more frequently than any other state
  • Clarifies procedural deadlines for dispute resolution – gives realistic time lines for mediations before litigation begins
  • Vote AGAINST any Open Rating or “ Missouri plan” or state funds - these have been disastrous for employers in other states
  • Support the JUA plan with the 3-Tiered system as recommended by the House bill
  • Fix Florida ’s current workers’ compensation law. Doing so will create availability and affordability.