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The Florida Medical Association comments on Compromise

August 8, 2003
Source: The Florida Medical Association
Statement attributable to Robert E. Cline, M.D., FMA President

The Florida Medical Association wants to thank Governor Bush, the House and the Senate for their diligence and perseverance to come together to work toward a solution to the crisis facing Florida’s patients.  There are provisions in this legislation that will go a long way to solving the problem in hospital emergency rooms and trauma centers.  However, the exceptions to the $500,000 cap that increases to $1,000,000 will not provide the relief necessary to ensure access to high quality care for all Floridians.  We remain hopeful that the Governor, House and Senate will make the necessary changes to the cap language that will allow physicians to remain in their practices.  Unfortunately, until that change is made, the Florida Medical Association is unable to support the bill.

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Lisette Gonzalez Mariner