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October 21, 2003

Today the Senate introduced two workers compensation bills, SB 14E by Senator Burt Saunders (R-Naples) and SB 16E by Senator Anna Cowin (R-Leesburg), which are scheduled to be heard tomorrow at 7:00 pm in the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee. If passed, either of these bills would delay the effective date for elimination of construction industry exemptions in workers compensation for an additional 6 months. This measure will only allow the rampant fraud in the construction industry to continue. Additionally, any delay in implementing the reforms of SB50A only delays the savings that the bill offers to Florida's employers.

Furthermore, over 55% of all workers compensation policies are written beginning January 1, therefore any extension of time limits will mean those workers, in some of the most dangerous job categories, will continue to work without coverage for their on-the-job injuries.

SB 50A, as passed just weeks ago, needs time to work. There should be no "glitch" bill and no changes to the law as it is currently written and as passed in SB 50A earlier this year. The law as currently is written will bring savings to employees and additional coverage for Florida's employees.

Please Vote NO to this proposed legislation.