Joint Health Care Statement 

October 28, 2003

In conjunction with the Florida Retail Federation, NFIB Florida, and the Florida Chamber of Commerce, AIF has released a statement outlining the barriers to affordable and accessible health-insurance coverage (click here to read the statement)

These barriers have largely been erected through public-policy choices made at the state and federal levels. As the statement indicates 62 percent of all non-elderly insured Floridians receive their coverage through their employment. Health insurance is the most valuable benefit an employer can offer, yet more and more employers are finding that this tool for attracting and retaining workers lies just beyond their reach. 

The report lists the most severe cost drivers, including several that are within the control of the Florida Legislature, including benefit mandates, entitlements, and inadequate Medicaid reimbursement levels for hospitals. 

The statement was presented to the Governor’s Task Force on Access to Affordable Health Insurance (http://www.fdhc.state.fl.us/affordable_health_insurance/index.shtml) during its October 13 meeting. The next meeting of the task force will be held at the Tampa Airport Marriott on November 17, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.