October 18, 2004

Good news! The business community’s hard work this summer has helped in our efforts to repeal the substitute communications services tax. Rep. John Stargel (R-Lakeland), one of AIF’s 2004 Champion of Business Award winners, recently corresponded with Governor Jeb Bush and asked for his help in repealing this tax. Governor Bush responded (see letter below) stating that “Be assured that I will support repeal of the tax in either a special session or the regular session, whichever comes first.”

This confirms the statement made by Alan Philip, Policy Director, Office of Policy & Budget for the Governor, during our FBU meeting at Ponte Vedra in early August that the Governor has made the repeal of the substitute communications services tax a high priority.

A Special Session may come in December to address hurricane related matters along with a few other issues.  If a Special Session is held, we are confident that the repeal of the substitute communications services tax will be added.