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House Speaker Designates Lobbying Reform Task Force

January 5, 2006

We have heard that the Speaker has designated a task force to deal with implementation of the new lobbyist reform legislation, SB 6B. They are charged with creating a "Memorandum of Guidance"for House members, as well as conducting member training -- now scheduled for Tuesday, January 10, in the House Chamber.

The memorandum should be available just prior to the start of the meeting. We will be providing a copy to our members as soon as it is released.

Members of the task force include: Representatives Dudley Goodlette (R-Naples) - Chairman, Loranne Ausley (D-Tallahassee), Charles Dean (R-Inverness), Andy Gardiner (R-Orlando), Ron Reagan (R-Sarasota), Ray Sansom (R-Ft. Walton Beach), and Leslie Waters (R-St. Petersburg). Any new House rules implementing the law will also come from this task force, staffed by the House Rules Committee in coordination with the Speaker's Office.

In addition, the Speaker's General Counsel is currently drafting a full analysis of the bill for House members.

In the Senate, no official task force has been named, nor has a meeting been scheduled to deal with the issue.