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January 11th AIF Power Lunch

January 12, 2006

Dave Aronberg at AIF Power LunchThe AIF Power Lunch held Wednesday, January 11th was filled with members eager to learn more about the Mainstream Democrats. Special guest speakers Senator Dave Aronberg (D-Greenacres), the current Chairman of the Mainstream Democrats, and Representative Franklin Sands (D-Weston) explained to the group the composition of the organization and their goals.

Created just four years ago, the Mainstream Democrats were organized to combat the misperception that Florida Democrats are out of touch with Florida voters. They are reaching out to disenchanted Democratic voters who crossover to vote Republican. “We cannot bring Howard Dean or Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to rural counties like Glades or Suwannee County. We need to find Democrats that they can relate to!” said Senator Aronberg. Currently the Mainstream Democrats have 17 members made up of 5 Senators and 12 Representatives. It is an open membership but encourage all Democrats wishing to join to review their principles and truly believe in their platform. To see their Vision and platform, go to www.floridamainstreamdemocrats.com.

Franklin Sand at AIF Power LunchAlso they are actively recruiting candidates so not to lose the Democratic seats they have and possibly gain a few during the next election cycle. Representative Sands stated that the Mainstream Democrats are looking for candidates with business backgrounds. “I love teachers and social workers, but we need a balance of those who have had to make a payroll to understand business issues.”

On a lighter side, Representative Sands arrived with his own lunch box to make light of the new rules governing lobbying. Representative Sands said, “The new lobbying law is the worst example of government interference with a private business.”

Mainstream Democrats took a Caucus position last Session in support of one of the top bills of AIF - the repeal of the Substitute Communications System Tax. We appreciate their help with the passage of this legislation and look forward to working with them on more business friendly issues during the 2006 Session!