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Statement By: GOVERNOR JEB BUSH Regarding Florida Legislature’s vote to repeal Florida’s joint and several liability law

March 30, 2006
Source: The Executive Office of the Governor

“Under the leadership of Senate President Tom Lee, the Florida Senate today, in a bi-partisan vote, passed important tort reform that will protect Florida’s growing economy and unprecedented job growth. I commend Speaker Allan Bense, Senator Dan Webster and Representative Don Brown for their leadership in bringing an end to a law that has hindered job growth in Florida for many years. Additionally, I applaud Florida’s business community for uniting in their support of this bill.

“Repeal of this law will help Florida to sustain an economic climate that continues to attract businesses and create new jobs for Floridians. Repealing the law removes a barrier for businesses considering relocating to Florida.

“I look forward to signing this important legislation, removing an unfair burden on Florida businesses, and making our state more competitive in our efforts to recruit high paying jobs. Floridians have worked too hard and our state has come too far to allow abusive litigation to continue.”