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Clarification from AIF

November 13, 2007

There was a lead story in the Business Section of the Tallahassee Democrat today about the hiring of Michelle Mattox as our Chief Political Officer.  The paper made a mistake in their title where they referred to her as the new Chief Lobbyist.  Of course Keyna Cory is still our Chief Lobbyist.  As we said in our notice to members last week, Michelle will be the new full time Chief Political Officer here at AIF starting in January and will be in charge of all of our political operations, while Keyna continues her role as Chief Lobbyist on the legislative side.

We are excited about Michelle joining our team, and know with her leading our political efforts and Keyna and the other members of our lobby team continuing to lead the business community in the halls of the capitol, we will continue to be successful for all of our members.