Associated Industries of Florida Service Corporation Endorses Charles Dean for Senate District 3

May 25, 2007

The Associated Industries of Florida Service Corporation (AIFSC) announced today its endorsement of Charles S. Dean in the statewide race for Florida State Senate, District 3.  The announcement was made by Barney Bishop, president of the service corporation.

“Today, with the approval of AIFSC board member, we are proud to announce our endorsement of Charles Dean for the State Senate.  Dean’s sharp attention to the needs of his constituents, including those in the business community, makes him the best choice for this race.  He has worked hard to ensure billions of dollars in tax cuts and insurance-rate relief, as well as provided staunch support for tort reform, all for an improved quality of life for Floridians.  His strong, extensive political background gives him the leadership credentials necessary to build a better tomorrow for Florida’s economy.”

“During his time as Chairman of the House Safety & Security Council, Dean has proven himself as a defender of the people, supporting tort reform and establishing business courts.  Board members of AIFSC are confident that he will continue his upstanding representation in the position of State Senator.