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Associated Industries of Florida Political Action Committee Endorses Special Primary Election Candidates

May 29, 2007

TALLAHASSEE Associated Industries of Florida Political Action Committee (AIFPAC) has formally endorsed several candidates who are running for seats in the upcoming Special Primary Elections.

Today, AIFPAC board members are proud to support Charlie Dean for the State Senate District 3.   

“Charlie Dean has been incredible to work with throughout his service in the Florida House.  He is a man of the people and a steadfast friend of the business community and the employers of this state. Eighty percent of AIF’s membership is comprised of employers with twenty-five or fewer employees, so we understand what small businesses are facing as they try to stay in business,” said Barney Bishop president and CEO of Associated Industries.  “We need Charlie’s common sense approach in the Florida Senate.  In addition, as a former Sheriff, he understands that the most important function government must provide is a safe work environment and a safe community.”

Also receiving endorsements today, House District 24 candidate Kurt Kelly (R) and Ron Schultz (R) for the House District 43 race.

“AIFPAC’s board is confident that both Kelly and Schultz will provide the leadership needed to preserve the economic vitality of this state. They each have experience serving the people of Florida and the tenacity to tackle the difficult statewide challenges we face including dealing with property insurance, growth and infrastructure needs and the lack of affordable housing,” added Bishop.



Senate 3 (Formerly held by Sen. Nancy Argenziano)

Charlie Dean (R)

House 24 (Formerly held by Rep. Dennis Baxley)

Kurt Kelly (R)

House 43 (Formerly held by Rep. Charlie Dean)

Ron Schultz (R)