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Century Commission Releases First Annual Report

January 23, 2007

The Florida Legislature created the “Century Commission for a Sustainable Florida” in 2005 for the purpose of providing the legislative and executive branches with recommendations for dealing with Florida’s growth management issues.  Florida has been growing at astronomical rates; in fact some predict that in 50 years there will be an additional 17 million people living here – double the number of people currently living in Florida.  The Commission is comprised of 15 members, with 5 each appointed by the Governor, the Speaker of the Florida House and the President of the Florida Senate. The Governor appoints the Chair, and Governor Bush appointed St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker as the Commission's first Chair.

By law, the Century Commission must:

  • annually envision the future for the state,
  • continually consider laws and regulations and make recommendations as to how we can best accommodate population growth while maintaining our "quality of life,"
  • serve as a repository for our best "community-building" ideas and as a resource for all Floridians, and
  • beginning in 2007, provide a written report to the Legislature and Governor addressing specific growth management issues.

The Commission’s first report addresses several issues of vital importance to AIF’s members including energy and climate change, workforce development, and transportation just to name a few.  We invite you take a moment to read this valuable study.