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August 8, 2007

A statewide poll of Florida conducted on behalf of Associated Industries of Florida by McLaughlin & Associates "indicates Floridians are concerned about the ability of the state to meet the future energy demands of our rapidly growing population," according to AIF's president and CEO.

Among the poll's findings are the following:

  • Voters cite economic issues as the top priority for the Governor and State Legislature.  While environmental issues such as global warming are not necessarily top-of-mind issues to voters, when the subject of global warming is brought up, it is still a very important issue to voters.

  • When it comes to energy, the most important issues tend to relate to the cost and environmental impact.

  • Voters do understand that the state will have to build more energy plants in response to the growing population.  Voters agree that Florida will need to increase its electricity production to avoid cost and supply problems like California.

  • While voters are willing to make changes to their daily lifestyle in order to conserve energy, the majority of voters opposes the state government raising taxes on energy so that people will use less of it and be forced to conserve.