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Barney Bishop, Chair of Save Our Constitution: On Secretary of State’s New Petition Signature Verification Process

January 9, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – “The organizers of Save Our Constitution today applaud Florida Secretary of State Kurt Browning for his determination to fix a problem related to how the state’s computer voter system is counting petition signatures.

“Secretary Browning has acknowledged that discrepancies do exist and quickly identified a way to ensure petition signatures are accurately represented. In addition, he proactively reached out to the various state petition groups to inform them of the problem, and announced a deadline to put a more accurate process in place.

“It is distasteful that those behind the anti-growth Hometown Democracy Amendment are more interested in bashing the Secretary of State and the voting process, instead of acknowledging what is truly important, which is the fix. The organizers of this bad amendment are simply panicking because the deadline to gather voter signatures is nearing and the clock is not in there favor.”