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AIF Joins Suit to Remove “Tax Swap” from November Ballot

July 7, 2008

On Thursday July 3rd, Associated Industries of Florida joined a number of business, education, and community leaders who are members of the Coalition to Protect Florida’s Economy in a lawsuit before the Leon County Court to remove Amendment 5 – more commonly known as – the “Tax Swap” from the November 2008 ballot. In an earlier release we announced that the Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) board of directors voted to join a lawsuit challenging the proposed Amendment 5. AIF is also planning on participating in the campaign against the amendment if it appears on the November ballot. If passed, the proposed constitutional amendment would lead to the largest tax increase in Florida history by replacing $9.4 billion in education funding previously generated through property taxes with increased sales taxes, the elimination of sales tax exemptions and exclusions, and the potential of a services tax. Amendment 5 poses a serious risk to Florida’s business climate because of the uncertainty and questions it raises under the guise of property tax relief.

Representing AIF and the Coalition to Protect Florida’s Economy is attorney Barry Richard, a long-time veteran and legal expert on constitutional challenges. At issue is whether the misleading title and ballot summary actually describe to voters what they are voting on. Amendment 5 is much more than a property tax reduction it is a bait and switch proposal that could lead to higher taxes in Florida. For more information on Amendment 5 please visit aif.com

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