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Associated Industries of Florida Political Action Committee State Senate and House Endorsements

August 16, 2010

Attached is a complete listing of all Associated Industries of Florida Political Action Committee (AIFPAC) endorsements of incumbents and candidates running for the state Senate and House of Representatives in the 2010 Primary election. AIFPAC endorsed a total of 18 candidates in 16 Florida Senate races, including 13 Republicans and five (5) Democrats. In addition, AIFPAC endorsed 98 candidates in 92 Florida House of Representatives races, including 81 Republicans and 17 Democrats.

These endorsements are the result of AIFPAC meetings that occurred over the past 10 months. For the incumbents, there was a review of their voting records along with an analysis of their races and positions on the issues. The endorsements in open seats were decided upon after the candidates completed their AIF Political Council questionnaire and interviewed with our Political Council, along with an analysis of the issues and their races. In some instances, there are dual endorsements because we based our decisions on which candidates were aligned with the business community rather than solely on who we thought may win their respective primary.

In the Governor’s race, AIFPAC endorsed both Attorney General Bill McCollum (R) and Rick Scott (R). Other AIFPAC statewide endorsements for this election cycle include Pam Bondi in the Republican primary for Attorney General, Congressman Adam Putnam (R) for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and Senate President Jeff Atwater (R) for Chief Financial Officer.

I am available this morning to answer any questions regarding these endorsements, (850) 224-7173, or you can contact Jennifer Fennell with CoreMessage at (850) 222-3767.

Endorsement List