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Call the Governor and Ask Him to Sign HB 1271 To protect Florida’s Transportation Tystem

June 3, 2010

HB 1271 is a comprehensive bill containing a basketful of improvements Florida needs to build and maintain a strong statewide transportation system.

HB 1271 works to reduce traffic and improve commuter travel

  • To prevent future gridlock in Florida’s crucial Interstate 4 corridor, HB 1271 would streamline the bonding process for projects approved by the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority and the Tampa–Hillsborough County Expressway Authority.
  • The bill also would create the Osceola County Expressway Authority to reduce future traffic congestion in the fast-growing region southeast of Orlando.

HB 1271 works to reduce transport costs, boost fuel efficiency and improve air quality

  • The bill would work to reduce transportation costs while protecting Florida’s air quality by promoting the use of auxiliary power units in trucks to provide truck drivers a fuel-saving and emissions-reducing alternative to idling their main engines during required rest stops. These smaller generators would reduce air pollution, conserve fuel and save money.
  • HB 1271 would reduce consumer costs by allowing Florida’s Department of Transportation to permit trucks to carry additional freight along pre-determined safe routes. This measure would help improve efficiency by reducing the number of trips needed to deliver maximum loads, thus reducing traffic congestion, fuel consumption and air emissions.

HB 1271 improves toll road management, public rail and airport security

  • HB 1271 would update rules to improve the swift collection of tolls and promote efficient management of toll roads. A separate provision would promote the reasonable pricing of fares for riders on the new public rail systems expected to come online in the next decade.
  • Finally, HB 1271 contains a key provision that would promote security at small, public-use airports that are too often ignored by airport-security programs. This measure would help protect our citizens while ensuring that small airports remain open for business.