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Statement By:
Barney Bishop III, President and CEO, Associated Industries of Florida

Regarding Gov. Scott’s Proposal to Form a New Department of Commerce

January 27, 2011

“Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) applauds Gov. Rick Scott’s proposal to create a 21st Century Department of Commerce that will share his laser focus on economic development and job creation. Bringing new businesses to the state and putting more Floridians back to work requires taking a different approach then we are now.

By establishing a new Department of Commerce to orchestrate all of Florida’s business development activities, we can better coordinate efforts and harness the collective strengths of each entity responsible for facilitating employment opportunities in the Sunshine State. The fact that Gov. Scott will be so engaged in this new agency, to the point where it will be elevated to ‘plaza level’ status, is more than encouraging. It’s the promise of a new day when Floridians aren’t looking for work, but actually getting to work.

We thank the governor for his focus on being Florida’s ‘Chief Economic Development Officer’ and thank him for taking the time to personally market the State of Florida to companies across the globe.

The business community and AIF’s members look forward to working with Gov. Scott and the Florida Legislature on this proposal.”