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Statement By:
Jose Gonzalez, Vice-President, Governmental Affairs, Associated Industries of Florida

Regarding Gov. Scott’s Decision to Move the SunRail Project Forward

July 1, 2011

“SunRail is a critical element to Florida’s transportation future – paving the way for increased commerce, economic opportunity, more jobs and relief for Central Florida commuters contending with some of the state’s most congested highways. It is a vision for which Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) has strongly advocated over the years and will finally come to fruition thanks to the foresight of Gov. Rick Scott and the leadership of the Florida Department of Transportation. 

The immediate benefits resulting from the construction of SunRail include jobs created for Floridians in the transportation and construction industries – two industries that have been hit the hardest by this economic downturn. Long-term, SunRail will bring life to new businesses along its corridor. It will also have a tremendous impact on future investment in freight infrastructure, which Florida needs to take full advantage of improvements being made to our deep water ports in preparation for the expansion of the Panama Canal. Florida-based CSX Transportation will reinvest 100 percent of its proceeds in Florida freight rail infrastructure. This investment will improve freight movement and port connectivity in the state and increase Florida’s competitive advantage over neighboring states, helping Florida become the trade capital of the Eastern seaboard.

AIF commends Gov. Scott for today’s decision to move the SunRail project forward, and we look forward to the many returns this investment will bring all Floridians.”