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Washington Arms Unions Through Posters

If You Have More Than 1 Employee – Your Company
Could Be a Union Target! And It Just Got a Whole Lot Easier


In November 2011 an administrative rule of the National Labor Relations Board went into effect that requires ALL EMPLOYERS to post this notice in every work location across the country.

The National Labor Relations Board is solely made up of presidential appointees who are not elected officials but have the power and authority to define most of our nation’s labor laws and practices. You can see from this relatively simple poster requirement that they have an agenda that threatens the very existence of private sector businesses in the country. This is only one step in the activism to erode private businesses that the NLRB has taken since the current administration took office.

AIF continues to communicate with our national partners and we want to be certain that the Voice of Florida Business is heard across the country. AIF's national affiliate, the National Association of Manufacturers, has filed a legal challenge to the NLRB’s poster rule, but that is only one front on which the war against business is being waged.

For your reference, here is a summary of the NLRB rule and its application that was prepared by our friends at Ford Harrison, LLC. If you have any questions or need additional information and advice for your company, we invite you to contact them or your own attorneys.