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Statement By:
Tom Feeney, President and CEO, Associated Industries of Florida

Regarding Gov. Scott Signing the Metal Theft Prevention Bill

June 28, 2012

“Associated Industries of Florida and its Floridians for Copper and Metal Crime Prevention Coalition applaud Gov. Rick Scott for signing important legislation that will crack down on rising instances of metal theft and protect Floridians. Businesses, homes, churches, schools and countless other organizations have been victimized across the state. Metal theft has not only cost Floridians millions of dollars, it has cost at least one Floridian her life.

Building upon legislation passed in 2008, the bill signed today by Gov. Scott will make it harder for thieves to shop their stolen wares by ensuring there are statewide, uniform requirements for documenting metal and copper recycling sales and increases the penalties for those convicted of metal theft.

AIF also recognizes Sen. Chris Smith (D-Ft. Lauderdale) and Rep. Clay Ford (R-Pensacola) for their sponsorship of this bill, which goes into effect on July 1. Thanks to their leadership on this issue, crooks looking to cash in will have a much harder time finding a reseller willing to buy undocumented materials and law enforcement will have more tools to help keep the public safe.”