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2013 Workers' Compensation Rates Set to Increase

October 30, 2012

Late Friday afternoon, Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty announced that the 2013 rates for workers’ compensation insurance will increase an average of 6.1% as compared to current rates.  McCarty notes in the order that rates are still 56% lower than they were in 2003 when Florida’s rates were among the highest in the country. The primary cost drivers remaining in Florida’s workers’ compensation system are related to the ever rising cost of health care delivery.

Review the full release from OIR.

AIF is diligently working with many of the state’s leading health care companies to explore solutions that could make health care more affordable and accessible across the state. We will soon unveil additional initiatives that will afford employers a stronger role in Florida’s general health care discussions. We look forward to the participation of all AIF members as we face this critical challenge to Florida’s future success.