AIF Announces its 2018 Legislative Priorities

January 8, 2018

Tallahassee, Fla. – The Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) today released its “2018 Session Priorities” publication, which outlines its legislative agenda on behalf of its members for the 2018 Legislative Session.  This year, AIF will lead the way for businesses through its various policy councils and committees, including Builders & Developers Council; Environmental Sustainability & Agriculture Council; Florida Energy Council & Mineral Rights Working Group; Financial Services Council; Transportation & Maritime Council; IT Council; Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense Council; Health Care Task Force; Taxation Committee; Workers’ Compensation Coalition; and H2O Coalition.

“We are pleased to announce AIF’s ‘2018 Session Priorities’ publication that outlines a variety of tough issues Florida’s business community will face during 2018,” said AIF President & CEO Tom Feeney.  “This year, AIF will be focused on continuing to fight against policies that will increase the cost of health care for Florida’s business community, such as prior authorization, retroactive denial of claims and removal of step-therapy protocols.” 

“AIF will also be focused on battling back legislation pushed by the Trial Bar that would make it more expensive for businesses to operate in our state,” said Feeney.  “Prejudgment interest will be a top priority for AIF.”

AIF anticipates seeing numerous legislative proposals revolving around Governor Rick Scott’s $87.4 billion budget proposal for FY 2018-19.  “The Governor’s spending plan, which includes $180 million in tax cuts, will go a long way in continuing to help our state achieve prosperity and growth Florida’s families deserve,” continued Feeney.  “We are optimistic our state leaders share this goal and will adopt a budget that includes a pro-growth, pro-jobs tax-cut agenda.” 

“AIF is proud to always be involved in a multitude of industries that fuel our economy from the Panhandle to the Keys.  This year is no different.  AIF plans to continue our fight to protect Florida’s job creators in our state Capitol,” concluded Feeney.

These important issues, as well as several others, are laid out in greater detail within AIF’s “2018 Session Priorities” publication and include summaries of the guiding principles that shape AIF’s legislative positions.  The publication is distributed to all 160 members of the Florida Legislature, the Florida Cabinet and Agency Secretaries, as well as AIF membership. 

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Known as “The Voice of Florida Business” in the Sunshine State, AIF has represented the principles of prosperity and free enterprise before the three branches of state government since 1920.  A voluntary association of diversified businesses, AIF was created to foster an economic climate in Florida conducive to the growth, development, and welfare of industry and business and the people of the state.

For more information on AIF, please visit AIF.com and follow @VoiceofFLBiz.

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