AIFPAC Announces Endorsements for
Florida Senate & House Candidates for the 2018 Election


Tallahassee, Fla. – The Associated Industries of Florida Political Action Committee (AIFPAC) today announced its endorsements for candidates running for the Florida Senate and House of Representatives for the 2018 Election Cycle.

AIFPAC Florida Senate & House Endorsements

“Each election cycle our AIFPAC spends numerous hours hearing from and reviewing potential candidates for the Florida Senate and House, and each election cycle AIFPAC takes pride in endorsing candidates we believe will serve our Sunshine State’s business community with the best forward-thinking, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit,” said AIF President and CEO Tom Feeney. 

“Today, we are proud to announce AIFPAC’s endorsements for the Florida Senate and House candidates running for election this November,” continued Feeney.  “We believe this group of candidates has the unique opportunity in 2019 to continue to make Florida the best place in the nation to do business.”

“As we look toward Election Day, we encourage our fellow Floridians to support these Florida Senate and House candidates who are committed to making our business environment flourish here in Florida for generations to come,” concluded Feeney.

AIFPAC was formed to assist in the election of business-friendly candidates to the Florida Legislature. Further, for more than 40 years, AIFPAC has provided an opportunity for Florida’s employers to combine their resources with others in the business community to help shape the political debate in our state.  For more information on AIFPAC’s endorsements or AIF, please visit AIF.com and follow @VoiceofFLBiz.

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